About us

Who's behind the door?

We are a few guy that combines crypto holders, traders, ex-dogecoin developers and lovers of the craziest and most unique meme coin you can imagine.

The Story

Many people view Doge as the ‘people’s cryptocurrency’ because it was created as a joke. Major players and corporations are unlikely to buy in and manipulate the market or understand that it could be a viable currency

Elon and some pretty good people has echoed this sentiment. These factors have created a perfect storm for Doge, pumping the price to where it is today.

How to?

Become a DogeHot
user now

Step 1
Connect your wallet

You need only valid a Dogecoin wallet at all.

Step 2
Discover Interface

This part is easy

Step 3
Add Deposit

Simply follow the instructions and give some time on our payment network

Step 4
Withdraw your earnings

This is a fun part. You could earn up to 4% daily passive income if you are serious.

Road Map

The Journey of

October 2022
Idea Generation
December 2022
Design & Development
January 2022
Beta Release (Local)
February 2022
Public Release

Asked Questions

Below is a list of frequently asked questions and answers from partners and 3D artist

Please check this FAQ first before contacting us.

01. How to start?

It is very easy to join DogeHot. Simply you need to have a valid Dogecoin wallet address. After when you start using the system, your wallet address becomes your identity.

02. Is it possible change my wallet address ?

Changing your wallet this is not possible

03. How could I withdraw my profit ?

Once your profit amount over 20 DOGE, you can withdraw all by clicking on the withdraw button on your dashboard.

04. Can I request a withdraw without making a deposit?

Unfortunately No you can't. You need to add deposit at least 1 time.

05. How could I add deposit?

When you first starting to use the system, our payment system could create a unique deposit wallet for you. Minimum deposit amount is 250 DOGE.

07. Is there a referral system?

Yes, you could increase your profit from inviting your buddys and earn 5% bonus from their deposits.(Note: If they did not add deposit you can't earn profit from their deposits.).

08. What is the contract period of each deposit?

Each deposit has a contract period of 180 days.